Going the extra mile…

If you’re wondering about the lack of picture on this post today, it’s because I’m writing this from the WordPress app while sitting in the airport. Seeing all these people flitting to and fro across the country made me realize I should probably do a quick post about the potential benefits of moving somewhere else in your search for work.

You may really love where you live, and moving may sound like a pain in the hind quarters, but this can be one of the most important moves (pun intended) of your career.

Using myself as an example, when I was looking around for an IT job in Miami, Florida, the pickings were fairly slim. The salaries were very low for entry level work, which is all I was qualified to do. Additionally, there was a strong preference for people who spoke Spanish fluently. My Spanish is passable, but not good enough to pass muster in a work environment.

So, when I started looking for work, I used the word of mouth method I described in an earlier article and looked out of state.

Moving to the Washington DC area turned out to be great for my career! While I ended up staying with the same company, I do have the benefit of being in a tech heavy area, so if I ever need to look for another job, there’re tons of them within arm’s reach. And they’ll all pay well too!

“But,” you say, “I plan to work remotely. That way, I can make a big IT salary while living in my low cost of living area and saving oodles of money.”

Remote work is a huge benefit of working in IT, and your plan is a good one… but… 99% of places will not hire you to work remotely right from the start unless you have some killer experience already.

“Fine, but aren’t DC and other tech cities really expensive?” Yes, but you’ll make up for that with a really bloated salary. And in a few years, when you’ve got a few raises under your belt, you’ll be set!