Staying motivated while isolated

Quarantine blues got you down? If you find yourself struggling to work as hard as usual while working remotely, use a Pomodoro timer to keep you on track.

Staying motivated at work isn’t usually an issue for me. When I walk through the doors in the morning, it sometimes feels like I’ve stepped right into a storm. Work buffets me to and fro until suddenly it’s 5pm and I stagger out. I’m so busy I don’t even have time to think about wasting time.

Things are a little different for me now. Ever since the quarantine, there have been fewer meetings. No one’s stopping by in person for a “quick” question. I suddenly find myself with hours upon hours of uninterrupted time to dig into projects. It’s what I always wanted, yet I found myself struggling to productively fill all this newfound time.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, I’ve got something that will help: the Pomodoro timer.

There are tons of free ones online, and they’re all great. Just Google “tomato timer” or “pomodoro timer” and pick one that works for you.

The way it works is easy. You set your work interval (aka your ‘pomodoro’ time.) Then, set an interval for a short break and a long break. For example, you can try fifteen minutes of work, five minutes for a short break, and ten minutes for a long break.

Once you start the timer, you’ll have fifteen minutes (or whatever your personal setting was) to work. At the end of the fifteen minutes, a gentle chime will alert you that it’s time to take a break. Then, after your five minute short break, another chime will notify you to work another fifteen minutes.

If it sounds ridiculously simple, that’s because it is. But it’s also effective! My personal experience so far has been that the fifteen minutes zoom by very productively. I then take a quick break and am ready to rock when the five minutes are up. There are times when I’ve found myself irritated by the break time but forced myself to take it. When the break was ‘finally’ up, I threw myself back into the project that I’d been interrupted in with enthusiasm.

I know it may sound counter intuitive but give it a shot. Who knows? It may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s hoping you have a productive day!

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Author: Silicon Wanderer

I'm a merry wanderer on the path to financial independence through IT. I'm doing it, and I want to show you how you can to!

One thought on “Staying motivated while isolated”

  1. I’ve been using a Pomodoro timer for about a year. I absolutely love it. It allows me to get into deep work mode and stay there for a bit. Put the phone and computer on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and crush it. I highly recommend this life hack.


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