Get out of the unemployment line with free training and job placement!

This week, I’m back with yet again another free training program with job placement. And unlike the other two, this one has no upper age limit!

This guy is successful. You can tell because no one’s knocked his feet down from that table. Maybe you’ll be this successful one day after reading this post. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In previous weeks, I’ve told you about YearUp and Generation, two great free programs that will train you up and help get you that first job. They’re both terrific programs but they have a drawback: they’re both for people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. But what if you’re twenty-five? Or fifty-two? Is there anything out there for you?

Let me introduce you to Per Scholas.

Per Scholas, like the other two programs above, is completely free to you. But unlike the other two, it has no upper age limit! There are some requirements, but they seem to change course by course, so look at the requirements for the course you’re interested in. Generally speaking, you should be eighteen years old or older, have the right to work in the US, and you must be unemployed or underemployed. You also have to live in or near one of the cities they serve, which are all in the US.

As part of the training, you’ll have a chance to test for a certificate that relates to your course. (For example, this AWS course in the Washington DC area has you test for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.)

Per Scholas partners with certain large companies (these companies fund Per Scholas, which is why it’s free to you. Hey, someone somewhere has to be paying for this stuff right?) The neat thing is that some of these companies have created their own curriculum. This means that these courses act as pipelines to work for them once you finish. For example, you could take the Cybersecurity course, or you could take the Cybersecurity Powered by InfoSys course, which prepares you for a Cyber Security career with that specific company.

If you’re unemployed or only working part time, give them a look. And don’t forget me when you’re at that high powered career making the big bucks. Leave me a comment below to let me know if this article helped you. Now stop reading this and go start your training already!

With each post, I cover a new topic to help you get your start (or keep progressing) in your IT career. If it’s your first time visiting this blog, start here. Or, see all my posts about interview questions you should definitely be prepared for.

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