Welcome to the Silicon Path, a site focused on helping you succeed in your IT career.

I named this site “the silicon path” because a successful IT career is not just about learning enough to get that first job. By reading the material on this site, you’ve taken your first step down the path of a lifelong journey in IT.

I want to walk you through the whole path! This site will cover numerous topics with the aim of guiding you through your career from your first help desk job to years down the road when you’re considering how to specialize. We’ll talk about:

  • How to prepare for an interview when you know nothing about computers yet.
  • Interview questions you should prepare before your interview.
  • What useful learning resources you should use.
  • What you should focus on when you have never worked in the field (or if your experience is so long ago that it’s no longer relevant.)
  • What you should focus on in your first six months at your new job, and then the six months after that.
  • Different specializations, like Cyber Security and Systems Administration, and how to position yourself for growing your career in those directions.
  • And much more!

If that sounds like information you’d like to know, come walk the Silicon Path with me!

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